Cherry Ring Tutorial

Cherry Ring Tutorial

Cherry Ring Tutorial


Our beaded Cherry Ring is a long time Bead World favorite.  These instructions, created by staff member Bailey DeGraff Ienuso, make creating your own beaded ring easy!

You will need:

2 6mm Swarovski Crystal Rounds (red)
2 Size 15 Seed Beads (red)
Approximately 70 Size 11 Seed Beads (green)
2 Ft Fireline/Illusion Cord
GS Hypo Cement (red)
Thread Clippers
Needle (Optional)


Begin by placing one of the size 15 seed beads on the Fireline/Illusion Cord. Move this seed bead so it is in the center of the Fireline.


Gather the two ends of the Fireline together and string them both through one of the 6mm Swarovski rounds in the same direction. Check again to make sure this is in the center of the Fireline.


Pull the ends tight. (It is very important to pull your ends tight after each step. Keeping a good amount of tension will ensure that your ring turns out to the shape you want it.)


Next string both ends of the Fireline through four of the size 11 seed beads, the exact same way you just did the 6mm Swarovski Round.


At this point, you will separate the two ends of the Fireline and use them independently. Place one end to your right and one end to your left. On the end of the Fireline to your left, string four size 11 seed beads, one 6mm Swarovski round, and one size 15 seed bead.


Pass that same end back down through the 6mm Swarovski round bead and the four size 11 seed beads, skipping the size 15 seed bead.


String 11 size 11 seed beads on the right side of the Fireline.


Pass the Fireline back through the first of those 11 beads you just added on in the opposite direction from how you originally went through it. This will create a loop of beads.


Repeat step 5 on the other side of the Fireline to make a second loop. Tie the strings together with a standard overhand knot. Remember to pull your ends tight before you tie them.


Once again, separate your ends and place one on your right and one on your left. Grab one piece of Fireline and string it through the closest seed bead on the loop on the same side (this will be the one you pulled the string back through to make your loop).


Continue by passing your Fireline through the next five seed beads on the bottom of your loop. This will leave you with your Fireline in the proper placement to make the band of your ring.


Repeat on the other side.


After you have both ends in the proper place to begin your band, simply string seed beads onto one end of the Fireline until you reach the band size you want.


Once your band is the right size, string the other end of your Fireline through the seed beads you just added on in the opposite direction of the first string. Keep stringing until both ends of your Fireline are back at the loops of the cherries. Make sure you pull tight.


Thread one end through the top five seed beads of the loop that is nearest to it and through the center seed bead. Repeat on the other side.


At this point, all you have to do is to make another overhand knot.


Glue your knot with GS Hypo Cement (red) to make sure it won’t come undone.


Once the glue is dry, use your thread clippers to cut off the excess thread.

Have fun making your Cherry Ring!

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