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Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace

Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace is a stylish twist on a timeless classic. Everybody loves hand knotted pearls. Teri gives us a great way to freshen them up using sassy colored pearls and fun Vintaj charms. Necessary

Esther’s Butterfly Necklace

Esther’s Butterfly Necklace This advanced wire wrapping project gives you many opportunities to customize your look. Choose different charms, or various sizes and colors of crystals to create a totally different impression. You’ll love your finished piece, no matter what

Brittany’s Swooping Swallow Bracelet

Brittany’s Swooping Swallow Bracelet This adorable and very stylish bracelet was designed by Bead World Glendale’s Brittany Egidi.  This quick and easy bracelet design has real impact.  Make it your own by varying the colors you dangle from the clasp,

Vintaj Arte Metal

Just when we thought Vintaj couldn’t get any better, they’ve launched a new line – Arte Metal!  Designed to coordinate with gunmetal and blackened silver, Arte Metal features a rich, black patina.  We are so excited to offer a selection

Fran’s Vintaj Bumblebee Earrings

Fran’s Vintaj Bumblebee Earrings You Will Need: ½ inch length of Vintaj brass chain (2 pieces) 1 inch length of Vintaj brass chain (2 pieces) Vintaj bumblebee charm (2) Vintaj ear wires (2) 8mm Swarovski crystal cube (3) 2 inch,

Vintaj Fabulousness

Three really cool chicks.  I mean, the kind of chicks you’d just want to snatch up, carry around in your pocket and keep forever.  Those are the kind of women that are behind Vintaj natural brass beading components.  Sisters Wendy

Think Outside of the Box!

This fun little bracelet was created by Frongelyn Booker at our Phoenix store.  It highlights a number of non-traditional elements in a very sophisticated, cohesive way.  The large double-drilled pietersite sets the rich, organic color pallet for the piece.  Small