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Tucson Show February 2013

We’re back from our buying trip to the Tucson Gem Show!  We had a great time, and picked up some really fun finds for the Bead World stores.  Every show, people ask me what was special at this particular show. 

“Icy Christmas Spider” Beading Tutorial

Icy Christmas Spider Tutorial Perhaps you’ve heard the Ukrainian folk tale about the Christmas Spider?  It’s a favorite around here, and we just love making spider ornaments for our Christmas trees.  Following the popularity of our recent Halloween Spider, we

Bead Challenge Winners for November 2012

It’s been another amazing Bead Challenge at Bead World!  You just would not believe the quality of the entries this time around.  Our community is overflowing with talent!  We know how much you guys love to see inspiring design, so

Bead Challenge Staff Winners!

We’ve had so much fun with our first ever Bead Challenge at Bead World!  We’re announcing the winner and runner up in the September e-magazine — Congratulations!  Of course, the staff members wanted to play as well, so we did

Wacky Necklaces of Fun!

You asked for a better view of our crazy necklaces, and at Bead World you always get what you ask for!  Step One: Choose a focal charm, or even better, a cluster of focal charms!  Here, we chose a collage