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Double Crimping Tutorial

Double Crimping Tutorial Next up on our “back-to-the-basics” tutorial series is double crimping. Last month we covered flat crimping and now we’re going to step it up a notch. Flat crimping and double crimping are equally secure when done properly –

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Studying Symbols: Sugar Skull

Studying Symbols: Sugar Skull Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are rapidly approaching, so we wanted to get in the mood with sugar skulls! Despite what some people think, sugar skulls are not scary or spooky. They’re a prominent part

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Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Falling Leaves Kits, September 2018

September’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Falling Leaves Kits What is a better way to celebrate the beginning of fall than with our famous “Fall”ing Leaves kits? These cuties can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet. We

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Gemstone of the Month: Selenite

Gemstone of the Month: Selenite Another unique gemstone at Bead World is Selenite. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, selenite is transparent, glassy, and colorless with a chatoyant luster that gives it a moon-like appearance. It is a hydrous calcium

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Flat Crimping Tutorial

Flat Crimping Tutorial One of the classic techniques every beader should know is how to crimp! Crimping allows you to string your jewelry designs onto durable flexible stainless steel wire and then connect it to a clasp. Knowing how to

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Studying Symbols: Lotus Flower

Studying Symbols: Lotus Flower At Bead World we love our symbols! In addition to being beautiful, they can be a fantastic way to infuse extra meaning and significance into your jewelry designs. One of our most popular symbols is the

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Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Stretch Jewelry Kits, August 2018

August’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Stretch Jewelry Kits We recently added 7 fantastic gemstone stretch bracelet kits.  We just can’t resist the stylish ease of a cute stretch bracelet, and they’re even more trendy with gemstones added in.  To

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Online Booking System

Bead World’s Online Booking System We now have an online booking system for all Bead World classes, events, workshops, trunk shows, etc.  Yay!!  This means you can now sign up for any of our events yourself at any time of

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Gemstone of the Month: Shattuckite

Gemstone of the Month: Shattuckite Next up on our journey of noteworthy gemstones is Shattuckite.  I especially love this stone because it’s an Arizona specialty.  It was discovered just a few hours south of our stores at the Shattuck mine in Bisbee, Arizona.

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Studded Barefoot Sandals Tutorial

Studded Barefoot Sandals Tutorial Last month we featured our chic Beaded Barefoot Sandals in our tutorial.  This month we’re going a little edgier and showing you how to make our Beaded Barefoot Sandals with a rocker twist – a pyramid stud

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