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Elegant Swarovski Bracelet Tutorial

Elegant Swarovski Bracelet Tutorial Last month we showed you how to make our Modern Gemstone Bracelet, but if a classic vibe is more your style look no further than our Elegant Swarovski Bracelet! We combine the same simple Flat Crimping or Double

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Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Peyote Jewelry Kits, November 2018

November’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Peyote Jewelry Kits Need a little structure and order in your life during these chaotic holiday months?? Peyote jewelry is an amazing way to find that peacefulness with its perfectly stitched beads! Plus, you

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Studying Symbols: 8 Fold Path

Studying Symbols: 8 Fold Path One of the newest pendants at Bead World, the 8 Fold Path is a significant Buddhist symbol. It represents 8 key tenets of Buddhism. Think of it like the Buddhist moral code, similar to that

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Gemstone of the Month: Larvikite

Gemstone of the Month: Larvikite One of the gemstones we have been asked about most recently is the stunning Larvikite. Everyone wants to know what this mysterious, beautiful gemstone is about. Larvikite is a monzonitic feldspar from the feldspar family. The Larvakite

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Modern Gemstone Bracelet Tutorial

Modern Gemstone Bracelet Tutorial Now that we’ve covered our Flat Crimping Tutorial and our Double Crimping Tutorial, we can put those techniques to use in our Modern Gemstone Bracelet. It is a beautiful combination of gemstone beads and sleek spacer

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Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Halloween Kits, October 2018

October’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Halloween Kits Happy haunting all you little goblins and ghouls! Spiders, and witches, and skulls, oh my!! It’s time to adorn yourself with all of them with 20% off select Halloween kits during October,

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Gemstone of the Month: Cavansite

Gemstone of the Month: Cavansite Last up in our most recent series of noteworthy gemstones at Bead World is Cavansite. Cavansite is an uncommon, small gemstone. It is often found in a matrix with other gemstones, typically white stilbite. Between its size, rarity,

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Double Crimping Tutorial

Double Crimping Tutorial Next up on our “back-to-the-basics” tutorial series is double crimping. Last month we covered flat crimping and now we’re going to step it up a notch. Flat crimping and double crimping are equally secure when done properly –

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Studying Symbols: Sugar Skull

Studying Symbols: Sugar Skull Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are rapidly approaching, so we wanted to get in the mood with sugar skulls! Despite what some people think, sugar skulls are not scary or spooky. They’re a prominent part

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Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Falling Leaves Kits, September 2018

September’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Falling Leaves Kits What is a better way to celebrate the beginning of fall than with our famous “Fall”ing Leaves kits? These cuties can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet. We

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