Breanne’s Dangly Earrings

Breanne’s Dangly Earrings

These funky earrings reflect Breanne’s hip, young aesthetic perfectly.  She’s always mixing it up, combining materials in new ways and pushing to learn new techniques.  In this design, she kept it simple, but used traditional Bali spacers in a completely unexpected way.  Anyone can make these earrings, but it took an innovator to design them.

You Will Need:

  • 10 sterling silver jump rings, 6mm 19 gauge
  • 10 square Bali sterling silver spacer beads
  • 2 long kidney-style ear wires


1. Carefully open one jump ring. String on one square spacer bead, and then close the ring. Make sure the ring is all the way closed!
2. Open a second jump ring. String on one square spacer bead and the closed jump ring from step 1. Carefully close the jump ring. You now have a chain of two jump rings.

3. Open a third jump ring. String on one square spacer bead and the closed jump ring on the end of your chain. Close the jump ring. Continue in this manner until you have a chain of five closed jump rings.

4. Thread your chain onto the kidney ear wire, allowing it to settle into the drop area at the bottom of the ear wire.

5. Repeat all steps for the other earring.

One comment on “Breanne’s Dangly Earrings
  1. Follow Up: I’ve had two clients come in weating variations on this design. One combined brass and sterling silver — so cute! The other added in some colorful glass beads that she just had “laying around.” I love it!

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