Bird Charms Take Flight!

Wow, kids!  Bird charms are so darn popular lately!  And it’s no wonder, with all the super adorable bird charms available right now.  We’ve added quite a few fabulous feathered friends to our sterling silver charm boxes this week.  From swallows to hummingbirds all the way to the wise old owl, our range of bird charms is now top notch. Here is a quick preview of some of our newest…

Peace Dove, $6.00 at Bead World
Asian Bird Cage charm, $10.95 at Bead World
Disc with Bird Cut-Out, $10.95 at Bead World
Bird on a Perch, $7.20 at Bead World
Owl Pendant, $14.25 at Bead World
Hummingbird, $7.80 at Bead World

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