Beaded Leather Braided Bracelet: Easy Tutorial for a Three Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Leather Braided Bracelet:
Make this quick and easy three-wrap leather bracelet using our Bead World kit
( to order) or your own materials!

You will need:

·         1.5mm leather (7 feet)                      

·         Freshwater pearls (16 inch strand)

·         TierraCast button (1)          

·         26 gauge wire (3 feet)

·         GS Hypo glue (red)

·         Wire cutters

·         Macramé board


·         Place your button on the 7 feet of leather, half way down.  Tie the leather in an overhand knot (like you’re tying a balloon), about ¼ inch below the button. 

·         Leaving a 3 inch tail, hold the 26 gauge wire against the leather, below the knot.
·         Wrap the wire around the leather several times.  Cut off the 3 inch tail.

·         Pin the leather to the macramé board, just above the knot.  Place the wire between the strands of leather.
·         String the freshwater pearls onto the 26 gauge wire.  Slide one pearl up the wire, between the pieces of leather. 

·         Move the right hand leather strand to the left, over the wire, to begin your braid.

·         Move the left hand leather strand to the right, over the previous leather strand.

·         In your right hand is now the 26 gauge wire.  Move it to the left, over the previous leather strand, continuing your braid.

·         Repeat the previous four steps and your braid will begin to form.  Continue braiding until you reach the desired length – approximately 21 inches.
·         Wrap the wire around the leather several times (as shown below left).  Cut off any excess wire.

·         Tie the leather in an overhand knot.  It’s okay if the leather partially covers the wire wrap.

·         Leave a space the same size as your button and tie a second knot.

·         Again, leaving spaces the same size as your button, tie two knots.  This makes your bracelet adjustable.

·         Cut the leather strands off ¼ inch from the last knot.

·         Complete the bracelet by putting GS Hypo Glue (Red) inside the end knots to keep them coming undone.

·         Your finished bracelet looks like this!

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