Basic Wire Wrapped Earrings: A Simple Tutorial

Basic Wire Wrapped Earrings: A Simple Tutorial
You will need:
  • 10mm Swarovksi bicone crystals (2)
  • 1.5 inch piece sterling silver chain (2)
  • 24 gauge sterling silver head pins (2)
  • 3mm sterling silver beads (4)
  • Sterling silver ear wires (2)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • or you could just buy the kit from Bead World: (480) 948-2323


  1. String one silver bead, one crystal and another silver bead onto a headpin. 

2. Use the wire wrapping technique to form a loop in the wire above the beads.  Slide the formed wire loop through the last link in your chain, so they become interlinked. The loops should be able to swing freely.  Use your wire wrapping technique to wrap the wire loop closed and cut off any excess wire.  The crystal should now be securely attached to the chain.

3.  Using your needle nose pliers, open the loop at the bottom of your ear wire.  Be sure to rotate the loop open to the side, like you would open a jump ring.  Add the top link of the chain to the open ear wire loop   Rotate the ear wire loop closed again, and your earring is finished!  Repeat all steps for the other earring.

4.  Below you see the finished basic dangle earring.  That was easy, right? 
The best part is that now you know how to make all kinds of earrings!  Like these cute pearl earrings…  Just complete steps 1-3, omitting the chain.
Or these sweet pom pon dangles… Just keep adding small beads to the last link of the chain until it looks full.

We call this variety a confetti earring… a different colored bead is wire wrapped to each link of the chain.  So cute and so easy!

Have fun with your basic wire wrapped earrings!

You can order the Amethyst Dangle Earring kit online HERE!  
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