Advanced Seed Bead Classes

Advanced Seed Bead Classes

Fashion trends have been driving the shift back to traditional seed beading, with amazing Bohemian and Native American influences and fabulous 70’s accents all around. Of course, where the styles go the classes must follow. Never fear! Bead World has a whole passel of Intermediate, Advanced and Expert seed beading classes to get you back on trend.

tapestry herringbone green bronze small

Tapestry Herringbone Bracelet is a gorgeous wide, flat bracelet made from the Intermediate herringbone stitch in a stylish pattern.  Our class requires students to be very comfortbale with needle and thread based classes.  This project is also available as a kit! Buy Here

loom bracelet neutral metallic small

The Bead World Loom Bracelet class uses traditional Delica seed beads along with Swarovski pearls and two hole Tila beads to teach you to use a classic bead loom.  Learn how to reinforce beads, extend the length of your loomed project and add endings and clasps.  This Advanced class requires students to be very comfortable with needle and thread based classes with mastery of intermediate level patterns.

multi row right angle weave tanzanite small

Our Multi-Row Right Angle Weave Bracelet is an Advanced class that teaches you to add rows to the basic right angle weave stitch, as well as to create a diagonal color patters, all in stunning Swarovski crystals! Our class requires a mastery of single row right angle weave. This project is also available as a kit! Buy Here


Cellini Spiral is a modulated tubular peyote bracelet. The exaggerated wave of the Cellini has made it a coveted pattern for beaders the world over.  Our class is rated Expert and requires a mastery of even count peyote and comfort with tubular peyote.

flat cellini spiral bracelet small

Our Flat Cellini Spiral class teaches a modified version of the modulated Cellini — this one is flat and stitched using a traditional even count peyote.  Created with varying sizes of beads, this cuff-style bracelet raises up off the wrist in arresting waves. This class is rated Expert and requires a mastery of flat even count peyote and comfort with traditional Cellini Spiral.

We can’t wait to see you in seed bead class! Have fun beading!!

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4 comments on “Advanced Seed Bead Classes
  1. Do you have a tutorial available online for the flat cellini spiral? I live in Alabama, so can’t exactly attend the class, lol!

  2. Lezli Goodwin says:

    Not yet, but it’s in the works. First, we will make the project into a kit with full written/photographic step by step instructions. Eventually, we are planning a series of tutorial videos as well, but the timeline on that project is not yet clear.

  3. Sheila says:

    Amy tutorials for the spiral cellini? Thanks

    • Lezli Goodwin says:

      Not at this time. Cellini is included in our book Beyond Basics: Seed Bead Spirals , but the instructions are too long to share them in blog form. If we do a video tutorial at some point, we will link to it here.

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