A Beader’s New Year’s Resolutions!

A Beader’s New Year’s Resolutions!

A Beader’s New Year’s Resolutions


With 2016 right around the corner, we’ve been putting some thought into our New Year’s Resolutions. What tweaks in behavior might make our beading lives more fulfilling? How could our beading experience be even better in the coming year?  While every person is different, there’s a reasonable chance that one (or more) of these helpful suggestions will shift your beading life into high gear!

  • I commit to organizing my new beading purchases BEFORE I start making things.  This can be so hard, when the excitement of a new project beckons.  But if I take the time to put my new purchases where they belong, I’ll be less likely to misplace key supplies.  It really only takes a few minutes if I keep up with it, and it makes finding my needed supplies so much easier later.


  • I promise to admit when I don’t like a finished project and to take it apart.  Man, we hold on to some stuff, don’t we?  This year, I promise to acknowledge when I don’t care for a finished piece of jewelry I made.  I will take it apart and use those precious beads in a new project.


  • I resolve to finish some stuff this year!  Since I’ve already resolved to take apart things I don’t love, there’s no reason not to go ahead and FINISH some stuff!  I will not leave “almost finished” jewelry sitting on my work table for weeks (or months!) while I decide if they are good enough.  I will finish them and wear them, which is the only way to know for sure.


  • Each time I buy new beads, I will calculate the cost of each bead and write it on my storage container.  One of the hardest things to do is to figure out how much we should charge for jewelry.  It’s virtually impossible to calculate if you don’t know the cost of the materials in the project.  I will make sure that I know this every single time, by using a bit of discipline at the outset.


  • I will try something NEW this year!  Whether it’s a new beading technique, and awesome new project or a fresh color combination, I will break out of my beading rut this year by trying something new!  I will release the old stories I used to tell (“I can’t see well enough for seed beads.”  “I just can’t make wire behave.” “I could never wear that bright of a color.”).  I can wear anything.  I can have anything.  I can make anything.  And this year, I’m going to prove it.


8mm round beads

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