If beautiful gemstones are the meat and potatoes of a lovely jewelry meal, then spacer beads are the herbs and spices.  While they tend to be small, they never go unnoticed.  They literally determine the tone of a given piece of jewelry.  Imagine a pearl necklace… now add simple Bali silver daisy spacers every few pearls.  You have a traditional, classic necklace.  Now change those daisies to large sterling silver rondelles.  Suddenly the same piece is modern and bold.  Throw in stamped Thai silver beads, and now it’s funky.  Maybe skip the silver entirely and use a gemstone rondelle… Get the picture? 
My current favorite spacer bead right now is the Bali sterling silver potato chip spacer (shown above in various sizes).  It’s a disc of silver, pierced through the middle and curved like a Pringle chip.  Stacked together in pairs (or more), they create a fun wavy texture that is somehow both modern and funky.  It gives a fresh look to all of your favorite beading materials.  Check out the fun necklace we have hanging in our Scottsdale store.  It’s great inspiration!

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