Month: January 2018

Online Deal: 20% OFF Layered Tila Kits, February 2018

Online Deal: 20% OFF Layered Tila Kits Beading trends vary over time, but no one can deny that seed beading is having its day in the spotlight once again.  With a resurgence of seed bead shapes, patterns, colors, & designs, there

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2018…The Year of the Re-Vamp

2018…The Year of the Re-Vamp!! Ladies and Gents – I’m calling it right now!  2018 will be The Year of the Re-Vamp!!!  It seems like everywhere you look people are re-inventing their lives and re-designing their plans, and Bead World is no

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Gemstone of the Month: Bloodstone

Gemstone of the Month: Bloodstone Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope) is part of the Chalcedony family.  It is a dark green gemstone with red flecks.  The red flecks are actually inclusions of Hematite or Red Jasper and were said to resemble drops of blood on the

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Right Angle Weave Bracelet Tutorial

Right Angle Weave Bracelet Tutorial Right angle weave is a classic bead weaving technique, and with the recent boost in seed bead designs we wanted to make sure you know how to execute a right angle weave flawlessly!  It’s a must-know

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Online Deal: 20% OFF All Kits, January 2018

Online Deal: 20% OFF All Kits We’re so excited to offer you this amazing deal again!!  All though January, save 20% OFF all Bead World jewelry kits online.  This is the perfect time to start 2018 off right: try a

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