Year: 2017

Gemstone of the Month: Mookaite

Gemstone of the Month: Mookaite Mookaite (pronounced moo-ka-ITE) is a member of the Jasper family.  It is found exclusively near Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia (hence the name Mookaite).  Mookaite is also sometimes called Australian Jasper

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2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

2018 Color of the Year: Ultra Violet Image from . Pantone is known throughout the world for being the go-to expert on color trends!!  They release seasonal color trends as well as a main color for each year, and their reports have

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December’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Holiday Kits

December’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Holiday Kits Happy Holidays!!  ‘Tis the season for gifting, and what’s a better gift than handmade jewelry?  Our holiday beading kits are quick & easy to create, making them the perfect gifts for your

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Gemstone of the Month: Moss Agate

Gemstone of the Month: Moss Agate It is so fun & festive to dress up in themed jewelry for the holidays, but who says festive jewelry can’t be stylish and trendy too?  Lush gemstones in reds, greens, whites…allow you to

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Netted Ornament Tutorial

Netted Ornament Tutorial Don’t you just love the beauty of a fully decorated tree?  There’s something so magical about coming home each day and seeing your tree covered in ornaments and lights.  While every tree is gorgeous, the most beautiful

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Gemstones for Digestion

Gemstones for Digestion The holidays are finally upon us!!  This season is filled with so many amazing experiences – spending time with those we love, looking at holiday lights, shopping, baking cookies, sipping hot chocolate, going to parties, food…food… and

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New Home, New Adventures

New Home, New Adventures Since opening in July 2004, Bead World has gone through so many amazing changes and has grown so much.  All of the growth we have experienced over the past 13 years has brought us to an interesting dilemma – we

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Christmas Lights Earring Tutorial

Christmas Lights Earring Tutorial The holiday season is such a beautiful time of year!!  One of the most fabulous parts of Christmas time is getting to see so many festive homes all lit up with holiday decor.  Even the most mundane days become

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November’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Spanish Knot Jewelry Kits

November’s Online Deal: 20% OFF Select Spanish Knot Jewelry Kits Fun fact: Did you know that the Spanish Knot came to Bead World after our owner, Karen Thompson’s trip to Spain??  She saw someone selling jewelry with these unique knots and asked if

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Gemstone of the Month: Astrophyllite

Gemstone of the Month: Astrophyllite When you’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years and working at a bead store for more than 9 years, it’s pretty rare to run across a gemstone you’ve never seen before.  When you do, you

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