Month: August 2015

Messy Wire Wraps

Messy Wire Wraps Of all the questions I get asked in our stores, this is one of the most common: How do you make those arty, messy wire wraps?! You’d think people would be more afraid of making perfect basic

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Meeting Cooler Weather with Warm Metals

Autumn 2015: Meeting Cooler Weather with Warm Metals Every season has it’s trends.  So far, we’ve discussed the Pantone Pallet for Fall 2015/Winter 2016 (click here to read).  We’ve covered the exciting new seed beading styles (click here to read).

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Fall/Winter 2015 Pantone Trend Colors

Fall/Winter 2015 Pantone Trend Colors Fall/Winter 2015 is looking rich, rich, rich! As this awesome graphic shows, saturated jewel tones are back in a big way. The weather may cool this year, but the colors are going to stay hot!

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Gemstones for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Gemstones for Pregnancy & Childbirth The loveliest trend is afoot. Nearly every day, someone comes in to one of our stores shopping for a bead to contribute to a birthing necklace or bracelet. The friends and family members of an

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Advanced Seed Bead Classes

Advanced Seed Bead Classes Fashion trends have been driving the shift back to traditional seed beading, with amazing Bohemian and Native American influences and fabulous 70’s accents all around. Of course, where the styles go the classes must follow. Never

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