Month: July 2015

Studying Symbols: Om

Studying Symbols: Om Symbols of meaning have been hugely popular in beading and jewelry for the last few years. Among the trendiest and most beloved symbols in the om (or ohm, aum) symbol. We see it on yoga gear, on

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151st Blog Post

Last Monday’s blog post, Lezli’s Birthday Necklace, was our 150th blog posting. Since February 2010, it has been our honor to keep y’all posted on changing trends in styles, colors and materials. ¬†We’ve shared dozens of free tutorials, lots of

Lezli’s Birthday Necklace

Lezli’s Birthday Necklace This Friday marked my 40th birthday! (Whoo hoo) In the long established tradition of Bead World staff, the game ensued to create the most extreme, most insane gift ever conceived. As such, they presented me with this:

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