2015 Summer Jewelry Trends

2015 Summer Jewelry Trends

2015 Summer Jewelry Trends

It’s heating up out there!  As we switch over into our summer wardrobes, it’s a good opportunity to look at the newest jewelry trends.  After all, the right accessory can take an outfit from boring to bodacious.  Here’s what the fashion forecast predicts for Summer 2015:

The 70’s!

This summer, we seeing a convergence of two awesome trends from the 1970’s: sleek, modern clothing and Bohemian jewelry!  Of course, this means recent staples like leather wrap bracelets will stay HOT! In fact, look for leather jewelry of all kinds to remain popular this summer.  Think long necklaces, layers and a stylish messiness.  Your Fashion Inspiration: Rachel Zoe.

abc bohemian gypsy necklace

This “Shining Star Necklace” is available on Etsy.com from DazzlingGypsyQueen.


An offshoot of the Bohemian jewelry of the past few years, fringe continues to make a strong showing.  Whether you prefer your fringes to be made of leather, string or beading, keep it earthy and low key.  Your Fashion Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens.

2015-03-18 12.12.38

Bead World’s “Bohemian Fringe Earrings” are a great way to try out this trend: Coming soon!

Playful Pearls!

These are NOT your Grandmother’s pearls!  It’s such fun to use these classic, traditional little gems in ways that are youthful, stylish and fun!  Mix up colors and textures.  Pair them with mixed metals or charming pendants.  Most especially, don’t let this jewelry get serious.  Your Fashion Inspiration: Lupita N’yongo

dancing pearls bracelet golden small

Bead World’s “Dancing Pearl Bracelet” is casual and luxe at the same time!

Dainty Darlings!

Oh, how I’ve missed the chic little charm on a chain!  Simple and sleek, you can make this look work with almost any little trinket.  It’s all about finding the ideal fine chain and the best length for you.  Perfect for layering, great with a little t-shirt… this is the ultimate classic!  Your Fashion Inspiration: Shailene Woodley.

abc dainty necklace

This “Gold Karma Necklace” is available on Etsy.com from SeaAndCake

Have fun playing with these trends!!  And Happy Beading!

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