2015 Color of the Year: Marsala

2015 Color of the Year: Marsala

2015 is pretty much here, and the folks at Pantone have released the brand new color of the year!  We get really excited about the new color and we take it pretty seriously around here.  You can bet that you’ll see their choice, Marsala, everywhere you look in 2015.  Here’s a little Marsala-based inspiration:

2015 pantone color of the year

This is the official release photo from Pantone, celebrating the new Color of the Year for 2015.


The Executive Director of Pantone’s glowing description of marsala.

eonline Pantone-Color-Colour-Of-The-Year-Marsala-Red-Carpet-Gowns

As this photo from E! Online shows, Hollywood has already embraced marsala for red carpet fashion.

Marsala pearls and rose gold Bead World

At Bead World, we’ve noticed how great marsala looks with rose gold.

Marsala Tennis Bracelet Bead World

Our popular leather tennis bracelet looks amazing in marsala colored leather!

Marsala Swarovski Pearls Bead World

Swarovski’s gorgeous Bordeaux pearls are a perfect match for marsala.

Marsala Delica Seed Beads Bead World

When in doubt, stock up on marsala seed beads!  These Dark Cranberry Silver Lined Delicas are perfect!

Now that you’re inspired, get to work!  You have marsala jewelry to create!

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