Month: November 2014

Beading Humor

Beading Humor At Bead World, we like to think we’re pretty funny.  After all, we’re creative and interesting people, right?  We might have been a little bit hypnotized by the sparkling beads, but we think you’ll understand… We’d love to

Easy Mala Necklace

Easy Mala Necklace Cool mala-style necklaces have been all the rage for the last couple of years.  Whether you use your mala necklaces for chanting or fashion, it can be quick and easy to make your own.  Use our tutorial

How to Make a Pendulum

How to Make a Pendulum You see them all the time in cute little tourist boutiques and crystal shops, but the astronomical prices (up to $50 each and more!) may have kept you from actually buying your own pendulum.  Whether

Basic Cord Knotting with an Awl

Basic Cord Knotting with an Awl   As we near the Christmas season, I am reminded of my absolute favorite Christmas gift of all time — re-knotting pearls.  Every woman you know has a ziplock baggie of great aunt Edna’s