Month: July 2010

Reverse Those Colors for a Fresh New Look!

Selecting colors can be one of the hardest tasks for a new jewelry designer. Try as we might, you guys never quite believe us when we say, “There is no wrong answer!” Truly, the best reason to learn the basics

The Easiest Earrings Ever

Sometimes, it really is this easy — find a great bead or pendant, put it on an ear wire and VOILA!  You have fantastic new earrings.  The craze for anything beachy or made of shell this summer has me reaching for

Gorgeous New Earring Findings!

You can thank me later, guys.  Locating amazing, creative, impressive jewelry findings is probably the biggest challenge in beading.  No matter how skilled you are, your work will always be limited by the quality and inventiveness of your basic findings. 

Heaven is the Perfect Crimp End

I’m pretty excited when I discover a finding that works beautifully.  I’m even more excited when that finding is attractive and professional looking.  That explains, in a nutshell, why I am so thrilled with Nina Designs’ crimp ends.  Their four