Month: May 2010

Don’t Throw Away Those Scraps!

We’re always telling you guys to save those little bits of sterling silver you have left over when you cut headpins or links of chain.  After all, that’s sterling silver and it has value!  But you know how it is

Exclusive New Findings!

Beaders are always looking for something special to help their designs stand out.  An unusual clasp or ear wire can go a long way toward differentiating your jewelry pieces from every other beader out there.  Let’s face it — locating a great

Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace

Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace Teri’s Knotted Pearl Necklace is a stylish twist on a timeless classic. Everybody loves hand knotted pearls. Teri gives us a great way to freshen them up using sassy colored pearls and fun Vintaj charms. Necessary

Our Crystal Link Necklace Kit

One of the most fun things about working for a bead store is the opportunity to design beading kits.  After all, sometimes clients just want to grab a quick project that they know will turn out beautifully!  As professional beaders

Esther’s Butterfly Necklace

Esther’s Butterfly Necklace This advanced wire wrapping project gives you many opportunities to customize your look. Choose different charms, or various sizes and colors of crystals to create a totally different impression. You’ll love your finished piece, no matter what

How to Become a Wholesale Client

One of the questions I get most often is, “How do I get my wholesale license?”  In the state of Arizona, you will need to obtain a state Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) License.  You can accomplish this task online at the

Brittany’s Swooping Swallow Bracelet

Brittany’s Swooping Swallow Bracelet This adorable and very stylish bracelet was designed by Bead World Glendale’s Brittany Egidi.  This quick and easy bracelet design has real impact.  Make it your own by varying the colors you dangle from the clasp,