Year: 2010

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas kits are available at your local Bead World this holiday season!  We try to make your holiday gift giving easy, with thirteen adorable and exclusive kits.  Each kit includes everything you need to

I love those crazy gals over at Nina Designs.  (I might have covered my love of them before, in a few zillion of my posts.)  So I was extra stoked when they asked me to be their first featured “Designer

Behold, the winner of our first ever beading contest at Bead World!  Karen Kissel of Glendale submitted this adorable earring and bracelet set which fit our theme Summer Love perfectly.  Every element of this bracelet is created by hand, from the torch

I am usually a sterling silver girl.  Rarely does a gold item (14K, gold filled or vermeil) catch my eye for any significant period of time.  These beautiful 24K vermeil charms from Nina Designs, though, have me smitten.  The color

Selecting colors can be one of the hardest tasks for a new jewelry designer. Try as we might, you guys never quite believe us when we say, “There is no wrong answer!” Truly, the best reason to learn the basics

Sometimes, it really is this easy — find a great bead or pendant, put it on an ear wire and VOILA!  You have fantastic new earrings.  The craze for anything beachy or made of shell this summer has me reaching for

You can thank me later, guys.  Locating amazing, creative, impressive jewelry findings is probably the biggest challenge in beading.  No matter how skilled you are, your work will always be limited by the quality and inventiveness of your basic findings. 

I’m pretty excited when I discover a finding that works beautifully.  I’m even more excited when that finding is attractive and professional looking.  That explains, in a nutshell, why I am so thrilled with Nina Designs’ crimp ends.  Their four

I’m the first person to spread the word about my favorite places, and let me just tell you:  If you haven’t been to yet, you are missing out!  Lisa Niven Kelly’s fun, interactive site offers the innovative beader lots

Every beader has an example of the one time they just hit it out of the park.  You know, that certain design that everyone comments on and wants to steal.  I made a necklace about six years ago that is still my