2010 Spring/Summer Jewelry Trends

Hot off the fashion presses, we have news about the Spring/Summer 2010 Jewelry Trends!  It’s going to be a fun one, folks!  The powers that be are a little schizophrenic this year, showing super bright tropical colors in half of the runway shows and sleek neutrals in the others.  What’s a girl to do?  I say pick your favorites from the colors at left and roll with it!  (Coral and turquoise, by the way, look gorgeous on everyone.)

Jewelry this spring and summer is all about BIG, bold shapes.  We’re seeing the return of the big earring (yea!) and keeping last season’s statement necklaces and stacked, chunky bracelets as well.  Choose ONE large piece per outfit, please.  Any more than that may just overwhelm you.  Actress Kate Hudson works this look perfectly here, with shoulder dusting chain earrings and no necklace at all.  No matchy-matchy if you want to look up to date this season!

Rock star looks are holding strong, too.  Returning with a vengence is, my all-time favorite, silver chain!  Layered, messy, knotted, mixed with other metals… any way you can pile that silver chain in there will work this season.  Other rock and roll elements are looking fresh this year as well: leather, studs, crystal.  Just keep it a little bit rough, and you’re good to go.

One hot new trend that I KNOW you will all love is funky ethnic inspired pieces.  Mix together some wood, rough cut gemstones and African trade beads.   Maybe throw in some fabric elements or leather.  Keep the overall design big and a little bit random.  Voila!  Your own personal masterpiece!

Have fun, guys.  Use up all of your left over beads and bits of chain in super fun, messy masterpieces.  And send me pictures!  Lots and lots of pictures!  I’ll post them and give you guys credit.

Happy creating!

2 comments on “2010 Spring/Summer Jewelry Trends
  1. i love the funky ethnic necklace! Thanks for sharing.


  2. The best part about making funky pieces is that you can find a home for all of your orphan beads. You get to use those babies up!

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