Wicked Witch Earring Tutorial

Wicked Witch Earring Tutorial

Halloween is right around the corner, and what could be a more fun way to celebrate the holidays than by wearing a cute pair of themed lampwork earrings.  Lampwork comes in many different shapes, designs, and styles.  We love these wicked witch lampwork earrings, but you could easily adapt this project with any lampwork beads you love!  The only skill you need for this project is wire wrapping, so as long as you know how to do that you’ll be whipping up some spooky earrings of your own in no time!!


You will need:

Lampwork witch beads (2)

Black size 8 seed beads (4)

Sterling silver headpins (2)

Sterling silver ear wires (2)

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters


1. Stack beads onto a headpin in the following order: seed bead, witch, seed bead.


2. Using your round nose pliers, make a wire wrapped loop above the beads.


3. Wrap the loop closed.


4. Cut off excess wire.


5. Open the ring at the bottom of the ear wire and string the wire wrapped loop.


6. Close the ring.  Repeat all steps for the other earring.  Here are your finished earrings:


See??  Such a quick, easy way to make yourself a fun pair of holiday themed earrings!!  In fact, these earrings are so fast to make that they are perfect gift for co-workers, your children’s teachers, family, friends…you can give spooky earrings to everyone you know! 


Happy Beading!!

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