Tree of Life Bracelet Tutorial

Tree of Life Bracelet
This fun seed bead and waxed linen bracelet is super easy and highly customizable.  Choose your favorite colors to make it your own!  Consider adding charms or crystals if you want added bling.  It’s the perfect bracelet for summer!
Project Requires:
Waxed linen (4 x 40 inches)
Size 8 seed beads (approx.. 10-14 grams)
TierraCast Tree of Life button (1)
1.     String all four pieces of waxed linen through the button.
2.     Place the button in the center of the waxed linen.
3.     Tie all the strands in a basic overhand knot about ¼ inch below the button.
4.     String three seed beads on to one strand.
5.     Tie an overhand knot in the strand, about ¼ inch below the knot from step 3.  Make sure you catch all three beads in the knot.
6.     Pull the knot tight, creating a beaded bundle.
7.     Repeat steps 4-6 to create a second beaded bundle about ½ inch away from the first beaded bundle.  If you like a very full bracelet, you can place the bundles closer to each other.  
8.     Keep repeating steps 4-6, making beaded bundles, until you reach the desired length (about 1 inch shorter than your finished length).   Don’t be too worried about the space between the beaded bundles – it doesn’t have to be exact.
9.     Repeat steps 4-8 on each of the strands.  Try to start the first beaded bundle of each strand in a slightly different place.  This will help distribute the beads throughout the bracelet. 
10.   Gather all eight strands of waxed linen together and tie them in an overhand knot about ½ inch from where the beads stop.
11.   Tie a second overhand knot with all eight strands of waxed linen, about one inch below the knot from step 10.  Make sure the button can just pass between the knots.
12.   String one seed bead onto one of the end strands of waxed linen.  Tie an overhand knot under the bead.
13.   Pull the knot tight.  Add a second seed bead and tie another overhand knot.  Cut off the excess waxed linen a few millimeters below the second seed bead.
  1. Repeat steps 12-13 to add beads to all of the end strands of waxed linen.  This creates a beaded fringe-style tassel.
15.  The finished bracelet will look like this:
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