Bead World Publications

It didn't take long for Bead World to become known for its clear, detailed instructions with step-by-step, full color photos that were provided as handouts to students taking beading classes in our stores. By popular request, the same style was used to compile and self-publish our first instructional beading book, "Basic Beading the Bead World Way." Fast forward from these humble beginnings to thirteen titles later, we are thrilled to be able to offer our books to the whole wide world of beaders through Bead World Online.

Each book features multiple projects based on a certain theme in varying skill levels, and each project takes you from start to finish with a materials list, photos, and descriptions to help you along the way. Many of the projects have accompanying beading kits to make it easy for you to try out a new technique - pick out a book, add your kits and your tools, and you are ready to get started! It's like bringing a piece of the Bead World classroom right into your own home.