Online Deal: 20% OFF Layered Tila Kits, February 2018

Online Deal: 20% OFF Layered Tila Kits

Beading trends vary over time, but no one can deny that seed beading is having its day in the spotlight once again.  With a resurgence of seed bead shapes, patterns, colors, & designs, there is so much excitement surrounding seed beading.  We wanted to feature one of our amazing seed bead projects this month, so we’re offering you 20% OFF our stunning Layered Tila Bracelet kits online, all February long.  This gorgeous bracelet was designed by seed bead artist, Yvonne King.  To learn more about Yvonne King, check out our former blog post about her:  (Offer available in our online store only and is not valid in our physical stores.  Offer expires February 28, 2018 at 11:59pm.)  Our Layered Tila Bracelet kits include:


Black & Gold Layered Tila Bracelet


Enchanted Silver Layered Tila Bracelet


Mystical Purple Layered Tila Bracelet


White & Gold Layered Tila Bracelet


Click HERE to go to our website to find these and all the other amazing kits that we have to offer.  We hope you enjoy this beautiful bracelet!!

Happy Beading!

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