Gemstone of the Month: Dumortierite

Gemstone of the Month: Dumortierite

Oh, Dumortierite…one of my favorite gemstones!!  I can’t begin to tell you how many clients have brought this beautiful stone up to the front counter and asked, “What is this — and HOW do you SAY that?!” Dumortierite (pronounced: do more to your right) is a rich, naturally blue quartz gemstone. Most commonly the color of denim, it can sometimes be found in the rarer purple and pink color range. As a quartz family stone, dumortierite is strong, with a Moh’s hardness of 7. Often mistaken for the much pricier lapis lazuli, dumortierite is a beautiful and affordable blue gemstone option. It can be found in Yuma, Arizona, but the most prized specimens come from Brazil.


Dumortierite is associated with the throat chakra, which oversees communication. It is said to aid the wearer with organizational skills, clarity of thought and communication of a spiritual or emotional nature. Dumortierite is a stone of positive energy, enhancing trust and harmony. Healers have traditionally utilized dumortierite to bring stamina and strength to those suffering from chronic debilitating ailments. It assists with maintaining one’s inner strength when the world is in turmoil, making it an ideal stone for crisis intervention workers, doctors, nurses and paramedics.  Dumortierite is beneficial for anyone who needs a calming and peaceful energy, but in a more grounded and stabilizing way than what you would get from Aquamarine or other less dense gemstones.


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