Gemstone of the Month: Chalcedony

Gemstone of the Month: Chalcedony

Chalcedony Briolettes


Chalcedony is truly a beader’s gemstone. Available in a rainbow of colors, and easily dyed into even more colors, there is a chalcedony bead for every project. That’s because chalcedony is actually a huge category of stones, most of which are known by their sub-categories: carnelian, bloodstone, aventurine, onyx and many more. The translucent varieties in the blue-gray to sea green color are most commonly just called chalcedony, and are prized for their luminous rich color.


Chalcedony in its many forms has been in use for thousands of years. Many wax seals in ancient times were carved from chalcedony, as the molten wax didn’t stick to the vitreous stone. There are beautiful examples of carved chalcedony dating back to 1800 BCE from the area that is now Afghanistan. Chalcedony was considered sacred by some Native American Indians, and is used in certain religious ceremonies. Tibetans consider it a stone of purity and concentration.


Chalcedony is a stone of goodwill, instills generosity and promotes peace. Healers use it to aid the eyes, gallbladder and circulatory system. It has been known to increase physical energy and minimize the effects of dementia. Chalcedony absorbs and dissipates negative energy, making it a calming stone of protection.


Dyed Chalcedony Briolettes


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