Gemstone of the Month: Angelite

Gemstone of the Month: Angelite

This past weekend I traveled to Austin for my best friend’s wedding, and of course whenever I go on a trip I have to check out the local bead and crystal shops.  I just love bringing home little treasures as a reminder of each fabulous experience.  In addition to a few irresistible rings (I’m a bit ring obsessed), I also grabbed a gorgeous hunk of Angelite.  My mom has been very drawn to Angelite lately and this piece told me it needed to be hers, so back to AZ we went!!


Angelite is actually the blue form of Anhydrite.  It is most commonly from Peru, but can also be found in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Poland, and Libya.  It’s soft blue color can include flecks of white or brown, but it is mostly that soothing pale blue tone.  A relatively soft gemstone, Angelite is a 3.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale.  Interestingly, the name Anhydrite comes from the Greek phrase “an hydros”, which translates to “without water”.  Anhydrite is actually Gypsum (a mineral) that has formed without water and crystallized.  For this reason, Angelite and other forms of Anhydrite should not be submerged in water for long periods of time.  If submerged in water, it is possible that Angelite/Anhydrite could rehydrate and turn into Gypsum, which is even softer with a Moh’s hardness of 2.


The soft, pale color of Angelite matches it’s soft, soothing energy.  As it’s name suggests, Angelite facilitates connection with your spiritual source and is known as a stone of awareness.  It can enhance meditation and the ability to receive spiritual messages/guidance.


As with all blue stones, Angelite is great for improving communication and allowing you to speak your truth.  However, unlike some other blue gemstones, Angelite does so in a calming manner.  Rather than stimulating the throat chakra, Angelite soothes and softens the throat chakra.  This ensures that all of your communication will be soft, gentle, and peaceful.  It also forces the over-communicator to take a step back, listen, and understand.  All of this soothing communication helps to improve compassion and gentleness towards each other.


Angelite’s soft energy, along with it’s focus on communication, compassion, gentleness, and spirituality make it an ideal stone for peace makers and those who are hoping to bring people back together.  It encourages sensitivity & kindness towards each other and is especially helpful in soothing situations where large egos or past conflict is inhibiting the progress of peace.


Come see our lovely Angelite in person and feel it’s peaceful, soothing energy for yourself!!


Happy Beading!!

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