Gemstone of the Month: Amazonite

Gemstone of the Month: Amazonite


Amazonite is a lovely pale green feldspar, used often as a gemstone in beading. Some say it is named after the Amazonian warrior women, a matriarchal society from the bronze age.  Others say it’s named for the color and shimmer of the Amazon River.  What we know for certain is that amazonite is uniquely beautiful.


Amazonite displays schiller, or a shimmery iridescence, due to the stone’s crystalline structure.  Tiny inclusions in the gemstone catch the light and create a bit of a sparkle in the green stone.  Of course, this adds to amazonite’s allure as a stone used for jewelry.


A stone of harmony, amazonite is used by crystal healers to enhance creative expression, improve self worth and inspire confidence.  Working with both the throat & heart chakras, amazonite is perfect for enhancing peacemaking and loving communication.  It allows you to tell your truth and communicate what your heart is feeling.  It is soothing and calms frazzled nerves, making it especially helpful during conflict resolution.  Amazonite helps to manifests our dreams and amplify our intentions.  It has even been said to help activate lazy teenagers!


Whatever your needs may be, come in and take a look at our wonderful array of amazonite beads at both Bead World locations!

amazonite beach triple leather wrap bracelet small

Happy Beading!!

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