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Nancy’s Fancy Necklace

We recently got in a HUGE batch of acrylic and resin beads, including fabulous leaves and flowers.  Looking through old beading magazines, we saw some fun examples of acrylic flowers used in fringe-technique necklaces.  This is a favorite technique at

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Enter our Summer Beading Contest!

Enter Our Summer Beading Contest! We’re daydreaming about sparkling snowflakes and frosty fun. Our client contest invites you guys to daydream, too! Make a beaded piece, anything at all, inspired by our theme “Christmas in July.” Submit all entry materials

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Christmas in July

Every summer we celebrate “Christmas in July” at our Bead World stores.  It’s a fun chance to pull out our fabulous ornament classes, snowman earring kits and snowflake patterns.  Plus, the distraction from the hat is more than welcome —

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